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Eagle Camp Mida Creek faces the ocean Mangrove forest of this natural bird reserve situated off the Mombasa Malindi road near Gede. Described as a hidden gem,  we offer a unique experience surrounded by stunning nature. You can relax in comfortable rooms and enjoy the peace, join in our fitness activities, take part in our retreats, or experience internal stillness through our meditation, Reiki, energy and crystal therapy services. 


Fitness Bootcamp Retreat

A fitness Bootcamp get-away is an exciting and effective way to get fit, shape up, raise your capacity level or kick-start your workout routine. Every day is different bringing a new exciting experience. 



Boxing & Fitness Retreat

The Boxing & fitness retreat combines vigorous fitness with boxing and teaching basic techniques of Punching; Offensive and Defensive Skills; Balance; Agility and Footwork.

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Detox & Weight Loss Retreat

A fantastic way to spend your time detoxing, exercising, eating healthily with the added bonus of shedding weight while having fun. 



TAI Wellness & Fitness Weekend Retreat
A weekend edition of this unique retreat helping you build an active fit body and develop a still mind, mental clarity, and calmness.

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